[Boatanchors] Heathkit HG-10B VFO

Bob Groh bob.groh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 22:26:51 EDT 2016

Yeah, there are a lot of us out there!  I've got some of the parts for a
replica for my Novice rig sitting on the shelf - a BC-453 LF ARC-5 receiver
which will be part of a Q5'er plus a Eico 720 transmitter.  Then there is a
replica of my Elmer's rig - an SX-101 Mk III along with a CE 20A (and
VFO).  And so it goes.

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 8:59 PM, Lee <L at w0vt.us> wrote:

> I'm slowly acquiring more stuff to set up my original as well "always
> wanted" Novice stations.  One of the items I'm acquiring is a Heathkit
> HG-10B VFO.  I sure want a VFO but this particular HG-10B is close to being
> a junker parts VFO.  The main flaw with this one is the dial lens/bezel.
> It's cracked and looks terrible.  I realize the lens/bezel is almost
> unobtainium. However, is there a slim chance someone on here has a
> lens/bezel for either a 10 or 10B I might procure?  Maybe even another
> junker I could purchase to rob the item in need.  Otherwise, I even thought
> maybe it would be possible to accurately cut out the old clear lens from
> the bezel and then "tack" a new plexiglass lens into the existing bezel.
> Has anyone attempted trying to do this? I also realize buying a nicer VFO
> would be, at least time wise, a better option then trying to make perfume
> out of a sows ear, but that includes common sense.  To make things worse,
> the dial drum is also cracked.
> At any rate I'm knee deep in restoring old Novice equipment right now.
> Transmitters (I just rewound a power transformer for a Drake 2-NT. )
> Restoring an electronic TR switch, restored a couple receivers including a
> hallicrafters S-38C like I had in 1953 as a Novice.  I replaced every cap
> in the S-38C as well as every resistor because every one of them was out of
> tolerance.
> So at the moment I'll look for a HG-10B lens/bezel, maybe attempt to fix
> my old one or most likely have to look for a better candidate to restore.
> If I was smart, I'd just look for another nicer one.  But then, I'm a dumb
> OB that never learns from his past mistakes.  I really would be interested,
> though, in hearing from anyone who might have attempted to replace the old
> lens in the built in plastic bezel.  I know the replacement drums are
> available but it sure would be nice if someone made the lens/bezels today.
> Just think, if someone invested $1000 in the project he could most likely
> sell 10 of them!
> Maybe there are other dummies out there like me.  Tell me I am alright and
> not alone!
> Lee, w0vt
> Coldspring, Texas
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