[Boatanchors] microphones FS

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Sat Sep 10 18:10:21 EDT 2016

I have two Sony F-BM7 microphones, with A-25 stands and mic cords for sale.

These come from an old Sony slow speed cassette recording/playback deck that was never

used when I got it.  I am cleaning out a lot of things, and want these to go to someone who

can use them.  The slow speed deck will probably be tossed or given to the Salvation Army because

I doubt if anyone would want it.  It's real old technology.   But, the mics are brand new and would be great for use on rigs ...  especially older rigs.  I see the mics are going for about $30 at the well known auction site.

If anyone is interested, contact me.  I'll take $50 for a mic, stand and cord  I'll pay shipping..  The cords are about 10 feet long.


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