[Boatanchors] Possible VFO???

Lee L at w0vt.us
Sun Apr 9 21:42:00 EDT 2017

Could you use this generator as a VFO?  Would you need a low pass filter 
for it?  For 40 meters and above, would you use a 40 meter signal for 
all bands 40 thru 10 meters?  I suspect so as most old boat anchor rigs 
used 40 meter crystals for 40 meters and above. Then the next question 
is how do you mute it while receiving.  I'm wondering if there would be 
a way to move the output frequency while receiving.  Possibly a fast 
acting relay could switch in the generator while transmitting and switch 
it out while receiving. I'm not sure how much radiation would come out 
of the plastic box while receiving if it was still on the operating 
frequency.  (This is assuming we are operating on 40 meters and the 
generator was on 40 meters.)  It certainly has enough output power to 
drive a boat anchor.   Anyone on here experimenting with this concept?

Lee, w0vt


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