[Boatanchors] Hammarlund HQ-180 Parts

Lee L at w0vt.us
Mon Apr 24 18:38:32 EDT 2017

I am restoring a Hammarlund HQ-180C and need the following parts:

The Left hand Main Tuning Dial is yellowed from UV.  It needs to be 
replaced.  I would also buy a Right Hand Bandspread dial if available 
too so the both match.  My meter is greatly yellowed too from backlight 
heat from the pilot light.  I need to find another meter off of a Hq-170 
or Hq-180 receiver.  If none can be found I could maybe get buy with 
another meter cover and maybe even another backlite meter scale of of a 
170 or 180 receiver.  If anyone can help with any of this I sure would 
like to hear from you.

Lee Bahr, w0vt

L at w0vt.us

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