[Boatanchors] 1939ish RCA aircraft radios

Tom Westfall tom.westfall at tnwaviation.com
Fri Dec 29 14:50:17 EST 2017


I am looking for equipment, pictures, parts, or anything that can get me
some info on the RCA AVR 7-D aircraft receivers.  I am restoring a 1939
Beechcraft D-17S Staggerwing and it list that it came out of the factory
with this type of receiver.  I would like to duplicate (3D print) the
faceplate to hide modern radio equipment behind.  This restoration is going
to be as authentic as possible, but a flying aircraft.  The project
completion is to be within the next few months.  I would love to get one of
these in hand to do so.  Any help here with this?  

Also, a much more difficult task is trying to find out just what a Branson
transmitter was.  I am coming up with nothing about what this was or looked
like.  Any info there?  Smithsonian?  


Thanks for any help or points in the right direction,



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