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Tue Dec 26 13:42:04 EST 2017

Test Equipment For Sale:

Hewlett Packard HP 400 AC Voltmeter:

The HP-400 series is the standard for good lab quality
voltmeters with a wide frequency response (20 Hz to
4 MHz). These meters have an amplified output
terminal that can be used as a preamp for a digital
scope, a chart recorder, etc.

The HP 400 meters are all RMS reading AC voltmeters
with a large mirrored meter.

HP 400 E
This unit has ranges from 1 mv to 300 volts full scale
(-60 to +50 dbm), with a linear mirrored scale.

This one works fine, has a calibration sticker on it,
with paper work for $75.

RCA WR-51 B, UHF Sweep Generator

UHF Sweep Generator covers from about 450 to about
950 MHz, which of course includes the UHF TV Band.

$60 or a reasonable offer.

LG (EZ Digital) 1.5 GHz Frequency Counter:

The LG (EZ Digital) FC-7150 1.5GHz Frequency Counter
measures frequencies between 0.1Hz~150MHz in A input,
50MHz~1.5GHz in C input. Input A measures Period, Total,
and RPM. It has a 9 Digit display.

Frequency measuring range: 0.1Hz~150MHz in A input,
...50MHz~1.5GHz in C input
Period/Total/RPM measurement for input A
9 digit display
High sensitivity external reference input function
Microprocessor controlled
Reciprocal technique for high resolution at low frequency
Push-scanning for selecting function and gate time
Low-pass filter installed for removing noise signal
AC/DC coupling function with selectable X1 / X10 attenuator
Data hold function

More info at

This unit works 100%, and looks extremely nice.

With paper work for $250.

HP 3476 A Digital Multi Meter:

The HP model 3476A is a 3½-digit instrument that
measures dc and ac volts, dc and ac current, and
resistance. It has autoranging and autopolarity
selection but it also has a range-hold function that
retains a range regardless of input changes. Note that
it measures AC currents, which many do not measure.

Full-scale ranges are to ±1000 Volts dc and ac, to 1.10
Amps dc and ac, and to 11,000 kΩ.
The frequency range for ac voltage and current
measurements is 45Hz to 5kHz.

This is a very high quality DMM. It has a calibration
sticker on it, which shows the quality of this meter.

This particular unit works as it should, and is
in very nice cosmetic condition.
With paper work for $120 (or reasonable offer).

Large Isolation Transformer:

This isolation transformer is large. It is 8 x 6 3/4 x
6 1/2, and has four input terminals with taps 5%
from each end. The output is center tapped, for a
total of 7 taps. It probably can be used to convert
from 120 V to 240 V, or vice versa.

Pickup near Ocala FL would be best, but it could be
shipped. $95

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, connectors, miscellaneous accessories,
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400


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