[Boatanchors] FS: McMurdo-Silver 802 Receiver and 701 Transmitter Pair

James jimwmiller1 at msn.com
Thu May 18 19:17:12 EDT 2017

For Sale: McMurdo-Silver 802 Receiver and 701 Transmitter Pair

VERY Rare and Tiny (10" by 5.25" by 5.0") matching receiver/transmitter pair. Circa 1947:

McMurdo-Silver 802 Receiver:
Super heterodyne  with variable regeneration for extra sharp selectivity and sensitivity.
 Cool/unique geared tuning mechanism for extra stability.  Covers 80 - 6m amateur bands with plug in coils.  Complete with coils for 40 meters.
 Very Good condition, fully restored, tested and works great.

McMurdo-Silver 701 Transmitter:
Matching tiny transmitter for 80 - 6 m amateur bands. Uses three 6AQ5 to drive a 807 for 75 Watts CW, 30 Watts AM input; frequency selection by plug-in coils and crystal. Good condition, all original parts, complete but untested - Looks like set was never worked on. Complete with 40 meter coils

You provide power supply.
$375 & Shipping.

73 - Jim - WA2UMP

jimwmiller1 at msn.com

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