[Boatanchors] WW2 Radio Operators Information File

Ron Lawrence W4RON w4ron at carolina.rr.com
Tue May 30 15:04:14 EDT 2017

Are these books unusual? I've never seen another
one. I've had this one about 10 years but haven't
seen it for 4 or 5 years after it got misplaced,
It found it about 4am this morning while looking for
something else. 
This is just about perfect, it's just missing one
of the screw posts that hold it together.
It has lots of neat photos of planes and radio gear.
If even came with an original though slightly moth
nibbled WWII US Army Air Corps Radio Operator
Technician Patch.
You can see some photos of the book here; 


Knee-deep in the cosmic overwhelm, I’m stricken
by the ricochet wonder of it all: the plain

everythingness of everything, in cahoots
with the everythingness of everything else.

73, Ron W4RON



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