[Boatanchors] frozen potentiometer

Bill Carns wcarns at austin.rr.com
Sun Sep 24 22:10:58 EDT 2017

Try a very light application of WD-40 (only - no penetrating oil) and use a
toothpick to apply just enough to see it start to "wick" in.   Then wait 24
hours.  With the knob off, give the end of the shaft a LIGHT bap with a
small hammer and then just crank on it with increasing force.  It has
corroded and it will take some force.  If it breaks you really don't care
because you are going to replace it anyway.  :-)

Once it moves, try a bit more WD-40 and work it in.  I have saved many this


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I'm looking for suggestions on how to deal with a frozen potentiometer. 
It's on the back of the vertical gain switch on an Eico 435 scope. I tried
contact cleaner and a bit of torque, but it won't budge. What else could I

Steve, KG7CCS

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