[Boatanchors] SB 300 FS

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Fri Aug 17 11:39:26 EDT 2018

I know .. I know.  You can never have too many receivers .. in theory.   Practicality is another story.  So, I need to thin the herd.  Since I have a 303 paired with a 400, I've decided to see if I can find a new home for my 300.   Fine specimen of a 300.  I've checked out the reception, and even hooked up my Heath six meter converter to it to listen to the local six meter net.   No, the converter isnt included .. sorry.   Going to pair it up with my 303.

Have pics if youd like to see.  Reply off list.    I'm asking $175 SHIPPED for it.  Offering here first ... if no takers, I'll try the FB Heath page .. and also you know where.

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