[Boatanchors] amp parts FS

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Sun Aug 19 22:58:54 EDT 2018

I have the remains of an FL2500 for sale, that could be used as a good foundation for a homebrew amp, or even a restoration, or for spare parts for an existing one.

What's there you ask?     The front of the amp and the chassis.  The cabinet, although there is a hole in it from a fan that used to be mounted on top.  All the components mounted on the front panel are there .. meter, switches, etc.  The filament transformer is there.  NO plate transformer, it was taken out after it opened up or burned up.
A few of the tube sockets are there, but no tubes.

Other chassis mounted components are there, such as the rectifier/filter cap bank.

I'm cleaning out the shack and I'm hoping to find a new home for this.    If you're interested, contact me off board and we can work something out ...  I'm very flexible as to terms and will haggle.

Ray  wa7itz

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