[Boatanchors] HT 32 help

Al Parker anchor at ec.rr.com
Sun Dec 23 19:37:27 EST 2018

Hi Ray, et al,
	I've been using my HT-32 almost every Sun. for the last 18-19 yrs, it 
just keeps on going.
	Yes, the p.s. mod is the best thing to help out the HT-32/37.  You can 
see some info and pix on the job at
<http://www.boatanchors.org/HT37.htm>  down the page a ways.  Be sure to 
dis-connect the 5v filament leads.  Also a helpful mod is to install 
push to talk, and easy job, a 73 mag article cc'd there for that.
	One other thing that might come up to bite you is the bias supply. 
They had selenium diodes in that, and they do last a long time, but do 
fail.  They develop a very high voltage drop across them,  and the bias 
voltage is no longer enough to keep the finals near cutoff when not 
transmitting.  That will probably show up as the AC line fuse blowing 
after the xmtr's been on a while.  Replacement with a SS diode will also 
require jockeying the downstream resistor values a bit, I can't come up 
with specific values there right now.
Al, W8UT

"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much
worth doing as simply messing about in boats"
Ratty, to Mole

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