[Boatanchors] Winter 2018 phone Classic Exchange

howard holden holden7471 at msn.com
Sat Feb 10 14:22:19 EST 2018

The AM-SSB-FM CX will run from 1400 UTC February 18 to 0800 UTC February 19, 2018
 (9 AM Eastern Time on Sunday to 3 AM Eastern Time Monday)
 from 1400 UTC February 20 to 0800 UTC February 21, 2018
 (9 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday to 3 AM Eastern Time Wednesday)

Suggested Frequencies -- plus/minus QRM
Listen up and down 5 to 10 Kc for crystal controlled stations
AM   1.890 mc.     3.860 mc.     7.270 mc.     14.280 mc.     21.400 mc.     29.000 mc.     50.300mc.     144.300 mc.
SSB  1.920 mc.     3.840 mc.     7.250 mc.     14.260 mc.     21.380 mc.     28.600 mc.     50.125 mc.    144.200 mc.

The CX is a no-pressure contest celebrating the older commercial and homebrew equipment that was the pride and joy of ham shacks many decades ago. The object is
to encourage restoration, operation and enjoyment of this older Classic equipment.

However, you need not operate a Classic rig to participate in the CX. YOU MAY USE ANY RIG in the contest although new gear is a distinct scoring disadvantage.
You can still work the "great ones" with modern equipment.

Up to 2,000 point bonus will be awarded to every CX participant who operates the same model rig as their Novice station.
Three QSOs are required.
One receiver and one transmitter may be counted and are worth 1,000 points each. Multiple version of the same piece of gear will not increase the bonus.

Up to 2,000 point bonus will be awarded to every CX participant who operates a transmitter with 4 tubes and/or less or a receiver with 6 tubes or less.
Three QSOs (each) are required.

Awards will be given in two classes: 1. Three or fewer receiver-transmitter pairs 2. Four or more receiver-transmitter pairs.

Send logs, comments, anecdotes, pictures, etc. to

e-mail: Ron K2RP       k2rp at arrl.net<mailto:k2rp at arrl.net>


 Or by mail to:
 659 Shanas Lane
 Encinitas, CA 92024

 Full details at: http://classicexchange.org/sep17/sep17ann.html

Questions? email me!

CU on the air for CX!

73, Howie WB2AWQ/7

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