[Boatanchors] FS: Heathkit AR-1 Receiver, Heathkit's First Receiver

Dave Hollander n7rk at cox.net
Tue Feb 13 15:56:15 EST 2018

   For Sale: Heathkit AR-1 Receiver - $240 plus shipping
   The AR-1 was Heathkit's first shortwave receiver and these are somewhat
   rare radios. They were available from Heathkit from 1949 to 1951.

   It is a 3 band, 6 tube receiver covering 550 kHz to 20 MHz. It does not
   have a BFO. It has a phono input jack and a 110 V outlet on the chassis
   for the phonograph motor.

   This one has the cabinet which is a rare option as most did not have

   The radio works and is all original except for the speaker and is as
   found by me 15 years ago.
   Includes a Rider's manual copy.
   I will ship international.
Tnx for looking,

Dave N7RK

Dave Hollander N7RK
Arizona Tube Supply

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   1. http://n7rk.com/radiostuff9/heath_ar1.jpg
   2. http://n7rk.com/radiostuff9/heath_ar1_ad.jpg
   3. http://n7rk.com/radiostuff9/heath_ar12.jpg
   4. http://n7rk.com/radiostuff9/heath_ar13.jpg
   5. http://n7rk.com/radiostuff9/heath_ar14.jpg
   6. http://n7rk.com/radiostuff9/heath_ar15.jpg
   7. http://arizonatubesupply.com/
   8. http://n7rk.com/

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