[Boatanchors] HT-41

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Sun Jul 1 22:20:37 EDT 2018

A true BA.  Large boat at that.
I have one that has been modified to use 4-125A tubes.  I think this included a new filament xfmr, 5V, 15A.
It works well, but the tetrodes just don't do much as GG triodes at the B+ available.
I want to either pass it on or make it more usable.
One way to make it "better" is to convert the power supply to a bridge rectifier, which would get B+ up near 3500V, which the tetrodes would like.
Does anyone have any idea whether or not the pwr xfmr center tap insulation could stand this?
If someone has access to some 7094 tubes, I think it would be a snap to convert back to them and have a stock HT-41.
This amp is not pristine, of course, but it's quite presentable and would be a great unit for a Halli station, or anyone else.
I'm 76 and have to start shortening my project list, oer I'd tear into it.
It has a pair of solid state 866 replacements.
I'd sell  it as is for $300, for pickup only in central NC.

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