[Boatanchors] HT-41

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Sun Jul 1 22:21:30 EDT 2018

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----- On Jul 2, 2018, at 2:20 AM, infomet infomet at embarqmail.com wrote:

> A true BA.  Large boat at that.
> I have one that has been modified to use 4-125A tubes.  I think this included a
> new filament xfmr, 5V, 15A.
> It works well, but the tetrodes just don't do much as GG triodes at the B+
> available.
> I want to either pass it on or make it more usable.
> One way to make it "better" is to convert the power supply to a bridge
> rectifier, which would get B+ up near 3500V, which the tetrodes would like.
> Does anyone have any idea whether or not the pwr xfmr center tap insulation
> could stand this?
> If someone has access to some 7094 tubes, I think it would be a snap to convert
> back to them and have a stock HT-41.
> This amp is not pristine, of course, but it's quite presentable and would be a
> great unit for a Halli station, or anyone else.
> I'm 76 and have to start shortening my project list, oer I'd tear into it.
> It has a pair of solid state 866 replacements.
> I'd sell  it as is for $300, for pickup only in central NC.

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