[Boatanchors] trashed package resolution

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Thu Nov 22 11:28:03 EST 2018

Bryan ...   Thanks for the advice on what you did with UPS.   I sent a letter to UPS over the weekend, telling them either they pay the claim or I would file a complaint with the BBB and would seriously consider taking them to small claims court.  I enclosed a copy of the claim report which said  that the package was not damaged in shipping, which was absurd.
Well, I got a call yesterday from UPS, asking that I fax them some more information.  They wanted something showing what I sold the receiver for and also a statement of what the radio was worth, or else something comparable.  They seemed to be saying they were going to pay the claim. I told them it's hard to say what the receiver is worth, because it's an old piece of equipment which some would consider antique in nature.  One ham might pay $100 for it, another might pay several hundred.   It's an individual determined value.   (I've seen hams pay ridiculous prices for a Heath Twoer and a couple thousand for an unbuilt kit.  I'd never do that).
The guy also asked if I was asking for shipping costs to be refunded, and I said yes, of course.
I told him the claim that it wasnt damaged in shipment was ludicrous.  I didnt bring it to the shipping counter trashed, but it arrived trashed, so it didnt take a genius to know it was trashed during shipment.  He said that that came from the claim inspector, and seemed to be saying he was in a different department, claims payment.
So, anyway, I have a copy of the check the buyer sent me, which I got from my bank.  And, I went onto Ebay and printed off a listing for an HA 350 showing what the asking price was, which was about three times what I sold mine for.
He said even another receiver that wasnt the same as mine would serve as a comparable, but luckily there was a 350 up for bid.
So, I'll fax all this to them and see if they will follow through and pay.  I dont see why they'd be asking for all of the information if they weren't going to pay now.

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