[Boatanchors] Fall 2018 Classic Exchange phone

howard holden holden7471 at msn.com
Sat Sep 29 13:37:07 EDT 2018

Sorry I didn’t get this out sooner, but life gets in the way sometimes…..

The Fall 2018 Classic Exchange Phone "CX" will take place on
Sunday Sep 30 1300Z to Oct 1 0700Z
And Tuesday Oct 2 1300Z to Oct 3 0700Z

The CX is a no-pressure contest celebrating the older commercial and Home Brew equipment that was
the pride and joy of ham shacks many decades ago. The object is to encourage restoration, operation
and enjoyment of this older Classic equipment.

Suggested CX Frequencies  (+/- QRM)
AM         160M    80M     40M      20M       15M       10M         6M           2M
1.890   3.860   7.270   14.280  21.400   29.000   50.400  144.300

SSB         160M    80M     40M       20M       15M       10M         6M           2M
1.920   3.840   7.250   14.260  213800   28.600   50.125  144.200

Bonus Points for the Fall 2018 CX

Bonus #1 2000 points for qualifying a crystal controlled transmitter.
Bonus #2 2000 Points for qualifying a home brew transmitter (crystal or VFO).

For the 1st bonus, any crystal controlled transmitter can be used -- HB, kit, store bought etc -- as long
as you make the 3 contacts using crystal control.

For the 2nd bonus, the home brew can not be a kit. For example, an HW-16 or Johnson Valiant do not
count. Yes, Valiants came in kits as well as assembled.

For full details, rules, and logging submissions, visit the CX website:

Questions? Contact:
Mark   k3msb at arrl.net<mailto:k3msb at arrl.net>
Ron     k2rp at arrl.net<mailto:k2rp at arrl.net>
(or you can contact me WB2AWQ at arrl.net<mailto:WB2AWQ at arrl.net>)

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