[Boatanchors] Article on changing from 2 to 3 wire power cords

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Well folks, the latest trick using the ground connection, is a bad
idea. The ground is not for current carrying. It is there to protect
you if there is a break in the neutral [white] wire.  Take a meter and
measure for voltage between earth ground and your radio chassis or
metal cabinet. Any reading tells you, there is a problem- fix it. Russ

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Not all that uncommon in the "goode olde dayes"! Since the neutral was
supposed to be connected to a ground rod where the AC mains enters the
building, and since that connection used to be almost always a cold
water pipe, having only the "hot" side connected on the AC plug, the
chassis was always at ground potential. If the AC plug was inserted
backwards, both sides of the AC input would be at ground potential and
the unit would not turn on.

 Especially in the magazines before the early to mid 1960s, such an
arrangement was often included in articles on home-brew equipment that
was AC operated and did not have a transformer.

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 And I thought I'd seen everything!!!
 That's a new one.

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