[Boatanchors] Article on changing from 2 to 3 wire power cords

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 8 18:11:37 EDT 2019

Using the ground connection for the neutral AC mains connection was never a good idea!  But, doing so did make transformerless units a little bit safer IF the ground wire was connected before connecting to the AC mains.  If the ground wire was not connected first, then a whole lot more unsafe than with a 2-wire cord.

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 Well folks,  the latest trick using  the  ground connection,  is a bad  idea.  The  ground is  not  for current carrying.  It is there to protect you if there is a break in the  neutral  [white]  wire.     Take a meter  and  measure  for  voltage  between  earth ground  and your radio  chassis or metal cabinet.   Any reading tells you,  there  is a problem-  fix it.   Russ wb3fau


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