[Boatanchors] Electric Radio Magazine Sept 2008 p10?

Ray LaRue w4byg at att.net
Mon Feb 25 10:37:56 EST 2019

I previously typed an error in the subject line for the issue I am 
looking for.  It is Sept, 2008.
Ray, W4BYG

On 2/24/2019 7:50 PM, Ray LaRue wrote:
> I wonder if anyone here has a copy of the above article?  I was 
> looking for info on an old mobile transmitter called the Web Jr, or 
> the Web Clamper.
> I haven't seen the article and am hesitant to purchase it online sight 
> unseen.
> Would appreciate a scan if you have it and can do so.
> Your assistance is appreciated.
> Ray, W4BYG

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It’s What You Know For Sure That Just Ain’t So.
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