[Boatanchors] items FS

Michael Tortorella w2iy at verizon.net
Thu Sep 19 15:18:59 EDT 2019

Folks, We are preparing for a long-distance move and there are a couple of
items I'd rather not have to take with me.  Make a reasonable offer on any
or all.  (1)Mosley TA-33 10-15-20 3-element yagi, disassembled and on the
ground ready for pickup (2)Collins 30L-1 in CCA VG or better shape, using 4
572B in place of the original 811s (3)Johnson Viking Thunderbolt with SS
rectifiers, uses a pair of 4-400A, overall VG or better except loading
switch lubrication has dried out and needs renewal.  Probably pickup only on
the yagi and the Thunderbolt.  Can ship the 30L-1 but it too is pretty
heavy.  Thanks for reading and 73, Mike W2IY

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