[Boatanchors] need capacitors / parting out AM broadcast transmitter

Paul Litwinovich paull at wshu.org
Fri Sep 20 15:00:26 EDT 2019


I contract engineer for a small mom and pop AM on Long Island. They were using an old Rockwell Collins  1kW that has (despite years of my nursing it along) finally bit the dust beyond economical repair. I have obtained a solid state Gates 2, but will need the following silver mica transmitting caps to move it to its new frequency.  These are the large cylindrical transmitter caps that broadcast transmitters use.  I included the list price for new ones and I am willing to pay up to half of that for good used, less if you are sympathetic to a small town AM owner still hanging in there, delivering local programming like radio used to do.

The station is still on the air, running half power (500W) on an even older Gates box with a 833 modulated by a pair of 810s , but I need to get them back up before that dies.

CAP 1600PF 25 KV 5% (294)   1              EA                            $852.45

CAP 5600PF 10 KV 5% (293)   1              EA                            $435.35

CAP 3000PF 12 KV 5% (293)   1              EA                            $435.35

CAP 1100PF 20 KV 5% (293)   1              EA                            $435.35

CAP 1500PF 10 KV 5% (292)   1              EA                            $275.60

Please e-mail me if you have any to sell, include a picture of them if you can.

On the flip side for the ham community/ boat  anchors group,  I will be parting out the Collins an 820D2,  (trust me you don't want this thing for restoration)  but the all the iron, power supply components,  RF tuning section, and a few other parts are useable. Will consider trading for the above caps or cash.

Please forward this to any engineering friends who might be able to help.


Paul Litwinovich
Director of Engineering
WSHU Public Radio Group
FCC Lic. PGGB 039245

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