[Boatanchors] Heathkit stuff for sale

MICHAEL TALLENT mwtallent at comcast.net
Sun Jun 20 20:04:52 EDT 2021

  I need to clear my basement and I have some Heathkit Heavy Metal that I do 
not want to throw away, but I cannot ship it.  So if anyone is interested in 
the following low prices but very good condition but have not been turned on 
in a long time so I don't know working condition.

1  Mohawk receiver with matching speaker and 6 and 2 meter converters, I did 
have the receiver working about 10 yearsago.  Chrome finish knobs and a very 
nice front panel.

2  Apache very nice front panel, had it checked out up through the driver 
stage about 10 years ago.  Satin knob finish.

3  Marauder very nice front panel case painted with wrong color green. 
Never power up but looks complete.  Chrome finish knobs.

4.  SB-610 Monitor scope repainted front panel looks pretty good.

5.  DX-60 Original DX-60 with recessed meter with bezel nice front panel

6.  HO-10 Monitor scope have 2 both look pretty good.

7.  HW-12A 75 meter one band transceiver with mike and HP-23B power supply

I will probably find more stuff and I have other stuff that I will include 
to anybody that comes to pick-up all of this.  I have a 2000 sqft basement 
with double door walkout, so loading will be easy.

I am located about 15 miles west of I65 near Elizabethtown, KY, about 65 
miles southwest of Louisville, KY and about 125 miles north of Nashville, 
TN.  $450 for all and I will find more goodies to include.  I can send 
pictures of some of the pieces if interested.  I believe I have manuals for 
all these items.

Mike Tallent W6MXV  in  KY 

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