[cisco-bba] SSG questions

Anastassios Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnet.gr
Fri Aug 22 16:15:14 EDT 2003

We got some demo equipment from Cisco in order to test SSG functionality.
Although i have read everything i found on CCO, i still have some questions.

Suppose we are trying to make the following scenario.

         ETH                ETH               ETH
NAS <---------> Router1 <-------> Router2 <---+---> SESM
                                               +---> Radius

Router1 (7200) is supposed to run SSG, and NAS (53x0) is supposed to accept isdn calls.

Questions now:

1. Can the above scenario work?
2. Does ALL the traffic from NAS has to pass from the SSG router in order to "filter" it?
3. Does the SSG router need a radius server in order to function?
4. Does the SESM application need a radius server in order to function?

    Chatzithomaoglou Anastasios
Network Design & Operations Center
           FORTHnet S.A.
       <achatz at forthnet.gr>

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