[cisco-bba] Redback and Cisco

Babak Farrokhi babak at unixplanet.org
Tue Dec 9 04:58:07 EST 2003


I am a little bit confused while researching on aggregation routers. We 
need to terminate 40,000 PPPoE sessions in a central site. Connection 
between DSLAM and aggregation routers is ATM over SDH.
Cisco offers 7401 that terminates 8,000 subscribers per chassis any 7200 
w/ NPE-G1 terminates 16,000 PPPoE which needs multiple chassis to 
terminate all these sessions. Redback's SMS 1800SL says it supports 8000 
VC per STM1, but supports maximum of 8000 subscribers (I am not sure, 
their port capacity does not match with system capacity).
Does anyone know if redback has a solution to terminate 40,000 
connections in a single chassis?
And does cisco provides a simple solution to do rate limiting per PPP 

Thank you

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