[cisco-bba] Redback and Cisco

Andy Schutz (aschutz) aschutz at cisco.com
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Cisco has a number of different options in this space.  As you
mentioned, the 7200 and 7401 are options and the 7301 should also be
included with similar scalability numbers as the 7401 but is RP based as
opposed to the PXF based 7401.  The other option if your are looking for
a one-box solution is the Cisco 10000.  The 10k can terminate 61.5k
sessions per box which should give you some room to grow (which I'm sure
you hope to do!).  For more specifics on the Cisco 10000, check out:

In regards to doing rate-limiting per PPP session, you can do this via a
radius av-pair handed down to the subscriber when they login.  This can
also be configured locally on the box.  By the way, this can be enabled
on all 61.5k users on the Cisco 10000 with no performance impact.

Hope this helps,


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> Hi,
> I am a little bit confused while researching on aggregation 
> routers. We 
> need to terminate 40,000 PPPoE sessions in a central site. Connection 
> between DSLAM and aggregation routers is ATM over SDH.
> Cisco offers 7401 that terminates 8,000 subscribers per 
> chassis any 7200 
> w/ NPE-G1 terminates 16,000 PPPoE which needs multiple chassis to 
> terminate all these sessions. Redback's SMS 1800SL says it 
> supports 8000 
> VC per STM1, but supports maximum of 8000 subscribers (I am not sure, 
> their port capacity does not match with system capacity).
> Does anyone know if redback has a solution to terminate 40,000 
> connections in a single chassis?
> And does cisco provides a simple solution to do rate limiting per PPP 
> session?
> Thank you
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