[cisco-bba] PPPoVPDN scability

Martin nytral at spamcop.net
Tue Dec 9 12:56:50 EST 2003


we are running a 7204/NSE1 to terminate a couple thousands PPPoVPDN aka PPPoEoE sessions. Since the tunnels are over 
ethernet, we  have to tcp-adjust-mss to 1412, but let the virtual-template interface to 1492 to accomodate broken PPPoE 
implementations that won't fragment to 1452. This setup gives approx. 50% cpu usage at 30mbit out/20mbit (6kpps/5kpps) 
in on the interface facing customers, which doesn't sound anywhere close to the advertised specs (wire speed aggregation).
Does someone know how an NPE-G1 would scale in our actual situation? And what would be the upgrade path alternatives to 
effectively be able to aggregate 90mbit worth of traffic on a single box, if the NPE-G1 can't do it?
One last question, what would be the gain if we terminated the tunnels on a ATM interface (which would solve the 1452 
MTU problem I believe) instead of FastEthernet?


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