[cisco-bba] Redback and Cisco

Benoit GRANGE Benoit.GRANGE at fr.tiscali.com
Thu Dec 11 09:38:53 EST 2003


> The other option if your are looking for
> a one-box solution is the Cisco 10000.  The 10k can terminate 61.5k
> sessions per box which should give you some room to grow 
> (which I'm sure
> you hope to do!).  For more specifics on the Cisco 10000, check out:
> http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/routers/ps133/index.html

those are marketing numbers, we are currently terminating around 20k L2TP sessions on a Cisco 10k with around 1 Gbit/s of trafic (one way, multiply by 2 to have in+out) and the RP is around 70% CPU usage... we won't scale to 60k sessions.

There is something wrong but it has not been solved by Cisco yet... they are working on it.


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