[cisco-bba] SSG / Radius Counters

Ritesh Bansal ribansal at cisco.com
Wed Dec 17 18:18:02 EST 2003

Hi Ash:
there can be multiple reasons for the counters on vaccess to be different than 
SSG counters:

1- the PPP keepalives are not accounted by SSG for the host accounting

2- if the packets are going to Open-Garden service or default-network, SSG 
does not account that traffic

3- if the packets are dropped by SSG because of policing for example, the 
input counters on the vaccess will be more than counters on SSG hosts

Can u tell me what traffic are you sending and to what destinations? does any 
one of the above reasons justify the difference in the counters?


 > Ash Garg wrote:
> Has anyone had problems with the Radius counters not being accurate on the
> SSG? The virtual interface counters are reasonably accurate but the counters
> in the "show ssg connection x x" and Radius accounting records are not. We
> are using two version of IOS 12.3(5.7) Mainline and 12.3(5.6)T both of which
> are showing instances of broken counters.
> Thanks,
> Ash

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