[cisco-bba] SSG / Radius Counters

Ash Garg ash at telstra.net
Wed Dec 17 19:41:02 EST 2003


The counters seem to very different and vary per user... (I think, still
testing this theory).

Basically on the SSG there are three services (open garden, Free, General).
The General is the default route. So per user we get three accounting

A) the user
B) the user and Free service (with QOS)
C) The user and General Service (without QOS)

1) The ppp keepalive are okay with me...I guessed this. However should the
type "A" accounting records should see these?

2) All the data is being sent/received from the General service. So there is
movement in the counters in the Type A and Type C records. The Type B record
counters always show zero as they are supposed to.

3) Nothing is being directed to the open garden as this is tied down to a
/32 website.

I check the debugs "debug ssg data" and there is no QOSing of the traffic
to/from the user through the General Service.

The difference is quite large, ie "Real" downloaded traffic is 400Meg but
the Radius counters in the Type C records and Type A records are very small,
around 8Meg. The session times (start/stop) are quite accurate though. I
have check a few times and we are not wrapping around the 32bit counters...


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Hi Ash:
there can be multiple reasons for the counters on vaccess to be different
SSG counters:

1- the PPP keepalives are not accounted by SSG for the host accounting

2- if the packets are going to Open-Garden service or default-network, SSG
does not account that traffic

3- if the packets are dropped by SSG because of policing for example, the
input counters on the vaccess will be more than counters on SSG hosts

Can u tell me what traffic are you sending and to what destinations? does
one of the above reasons justify the difference in the counters?


 > Ash Garg wrote:
> Has anyone had problems with the Radius counters not being accurate on the
> SSG? The virtual interface counters are reasonably accurate but the
> in the "show ssg connection x x" and Radius accounting records are not. We
> are using two version of IOS 12.3(5.7) Mainline and 12.3(5.6)T both of
> are showing instances of broken counters.
> Thanks,
> Ash

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