[cisco-bba] Cisco 7206 non-VXR for BB Aggregation

Tay Chee Yong tcy at pacific.net.sg
Fri Jul 4 16:09:39 EDT 2003

Thanks Dennis for your valuable advise.

>From the following website,

it mentioned that "CAR policing algorithm impacts performance due to its
additional use of processor resource. Typical performance impact may be
about 20 to 30%, although it would vary depending on the traffic mix and
the configured protocol:"... "Using an ACL with CAR will affect performance
depending on the type of ACL used"

The above document is meant for Cisco 6400 series. Does it applies to Cisco
7206 router?

May I know how bad is the impact on the CPU resources if the CAR is
configured on the virtual template, compared to configuration done via AAA?



On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Dennis Peng wrote:

: With the NPE-200, the box will probably max out at 2000 sessions if
: you aren't doing anything else. Latest 12.2T/12.2B code has
: scalability enhancements to decrease memory and cpu load for BBA
: sessions, so it should allow you to squeeze the most out of the box.
: Dennis
: Tay Chee Yong [tcy at pacific.net.sg] wrote:
: > Hi all,
: >
: > Was wondering if any people out there is using a Cisco 7206 non-VXR router to
: > termination BB ppp sessions on it? We have a couple of non-VXR, NPE 200 routers,
: > and thought of recycling it for BB termination.
: >
: > Any performance degradation, or any limit in the number of ppp sessions on the
: > box, or other issues that i might not be aware of?
: >
: > Advise is greatly appreciated.
: >
: > Thanks.
: >
: > Regards,
: > Cheeyong
: >
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