[cisco-bba] ADSL RBE and DHCP

Mark Segal MSegal at Corporate.FCIBroadband.com
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RBE is probably not a scalable way to do it.. You might want to look at

Last time I heard you need to send it off to a radius server that
cares/reads the interface portion.   It does require some hacking.

Also no matter what you will need a sub interface.  I personally use
ilmi-pvc-autodiscover to create my vcs dynamically but then again, I am my
own dlec :).


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I'm somewhat new to RBE and also to Cisco's DHCP server implementation, and
I'm not turning up any good examples on CCO.

I currently have all of my ADSL subs (covad is the DCLEC, one pvc per
customer) terminating on a 7206.  Each sub has a subinterface, ie:

in atm 2.0/1999 point-to-point (where 1999 is the VCI, for convenience)  ip
unnumbered loopback 4  atm route-bridge ip  pvc 0/1999
  encaps aal5snap

and then a static route pointing to the interface:

ip route atm 2/0.1999

That all works fine, but I am curious if this is how other people are doing
this, as I am chewing up one interface per ADSL sub.

My other question is bringing DHCP into the mix.  I swore that at some point
I found a doc on CCO that described a way to do "static" DHCP assignments
based not on MAC address, but on what pvc the request comes in on.  Is this
possible?  How are most of you handling this?  Do you use the IOS DHCP
server or forward off to another box?  Or buy a Redback? :)



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