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Andy, how does the ATM oversubscription work? In the proof-of-concept, we
have used a 7206 VXR w NPE400, we configure an ATM subinterface with an atm
pvc-range. On the current PA-A3's, the maximum VC's is 4000, to be honest
I've not tried configuring any more than this. So is the VC limit on the PA/
Line card for 'active' or 'configured' VCs?

If oversubscription means that you can configure more PVC's than the defined
maximum for the PA/ Line card then that is useful, however if it just means
you can oversubscribe the SCR on VBR-nrt PVCs then that's not so useful in
my scenario.





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The Cisco 10000 is an excellent alternative to other vendor's BRAS options.
The Cisco 10000 offers support for up to 61.5k sessions and does allow for
ATM PVC oversubscription that would accommodate your requirements.  I'll let
Service Providers on this alias attest to their experience with the Cisco
10000 but I wanted to reaffirm that the Cisco 10000 does perform as a BRAS
and does it very well (I'm a bit biased).





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Is anybody on the list using the Cisco 10k in a broadband aggregation
environment? I'm interested in any feedback on the box. I am looking to
terminate up to 40000 active PPPoA sessions over 80000 configured PVCs
coming in on either multiple STM1 or STM4 ATM bearers. What is the Cisco
answer to the Redback 10000 and or the SmartEdge400/800?







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