[cisco-bba] LLQ or CBWFQ on virtual-access

adama.faye at bell.ca adama.faye at bell.ca
Thu Jun 17 08:51:35 EDT 2004

Hi All

Is it possible to configure LLQ or CBWFQ on virtual-access or virtual
template interfaces? (in a Cisco 7200 platform)


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> 	Is it possible to do interface tracking to more than 1 backup
> interface on  a Cisco Device.
> 	e.g Primary is Serial0 / Backup1 is ISDN1 / Backup2 is ISDN2

In general: No, we can only specify one backup interface. 

But what are you trying to achieve? Maybe you can work with dialer
profiles to achieve what you want (i.e. you backup to a dialer, and this
dialer is bound to both BRI interfaces, so it will use whichever BRI is


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