[cisco-bba] vpdn logging tunnel-drop

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For this I am using the following commands 

vpdn logging
vpdn logging local
vpdn logging user
vpdn history failure

You will receive this kind of logging information when the connection is

Mar  3 15:56:22: %VPDN-6-CLOSED: L2TP LNS Ro-C7204 closed  user
sec_user2 at pnss; Result 2, Error 6  

You can also have the failure history with the command : 

Ro-C7204-10#sh vpdn history failure 
Number of entries in table: 1
Table size: 20
User: sec_user2 at pnss, MID = 338
NAS: bas1, IP address =, CLID = 0
Gateway: Ro-C7204, IP address =, CLID = 0
Log time: Mar  3 16:08:56.045, Error repeat count: 2
Failure type: The remote server closed this session
Failure reason: Result 2, Error 6


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What exactly does "vpdn logging tunnel-drop" log?

I'm looking for a way to see (sh logging, syslog) when my L2TP tunnels
drop and the reason 
of drop.

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