[cisco-bba] Broadband aggregation on 7600 / MWAM

Manoj Kumar Garg (manojkgb) manojkgb at cisco.com
Thu Jul 21 23:48:27 EDT 2005

Yes, you need to have MWAM module to have broadband on the c7600 routers. 
Broadband on c7600 (without MWAM card) will  be supported , not sure about the time though. 

Here is the link about the MWAM card



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|I was wondering if anyone on the list had expirience in 
|broadband aggregation on 7600 and would care to enlighten me.
|What I want to do is to aggregate DSL users on a box, which 
|will serve both as an LAC and an LNS (due to the need to 
|seperate users based on domain).  On the LNS (same box :)).  
|I'm using PPPoE.
|In Cisco's BBA portfolio, the reference to 7600 is "Cisco 7600 
|with MWAM" 
|Does this mean that I have to have an MWAM module to do this, 
|or can I just run it on the 7600 itself?  If I can do that, 
|what kind of performance can I expect (number of users)?
|Thanks in advance,
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