[cisco-bba] gigabit ethernet help

Erich Hohermuth eh at solnet.ch
Thu Aug 9 01:14:11 EDT 2007


> Telstra normally have MMOF after the demarc point, although they can and do
> use SMOF too, but this is rare.

In this case I wonder why phani uses a single mode fibre (breakout ?)
after the demarc point as he wrote below. 

>Telstra IGR(telco australia)-----------single mode 
>fibre-------------demarcation point data centre ----------------single 
>mode  fibre flat SC connector --------------- 7200 series router 
>1000Base SX module

>The lights on the Gigabit interface keep flashing  Tx,Rx,link in 
>1,2,3,1,2,3 ---- pattern.

Maybe you have to be check RX/TX if they are right (swap) if you have an
input (RX) the lights are normaly stop flashing even if the link isn't

> media-type gbic
> no negotiation auto

yep, no auto is a good one .. 

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