[cisco-bba] PPPoE and VLAN ranges

Robert Blayzor rblayzor at inoc.net
Fri Oct 5 15:13:47 EDT 2007

Vince Mammoliti wrote:
> Clayton, 
> Robert is talking about supporting QinQ tagging. This is not what you
> require here.

No, see previous posts.  I'm talking about exactly what he is
experiencing.  I've even referenced the bug id's, which still appear to
be present in 12.2SB5.

The fact that if you use a subif with the VLAN and use PPPoE, it works,
but if you try to use PPPoE using the vlan-range as he has configured,
PPPoE breaks.  In one of the two bud-id's I gave there are some
references to it.  I also found my TAC case regarding this very issue.

I was given in interim IOS build which seemed to fix the problem, but
when I upgraded to the mainline code they said the "fix was in", it
broke it again.

Robert Blayzor
rblayzor at inoc.net

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