[cisco-bba] Replacing the Cisco 7206VXR - Juniper

Robert Blayzor rblayzor at inoc.net
Mon Oct 22 07:02:36 EDT 2007

Wayne @ CTL wrote:
>     Thanks for that, I agree and I know of another aggregator that is doing
> 90-100mb of mixed traffic no problem, with a G1. Your correct it was a G2
> card that we borrowed, not a G4. The problem is that router is handling 100%
> voip traffic, and not just RTP it is also getting hit for Border traffic as
> well (Like SIP and H323 setups with no RTP) which is minuscule size packets
> and thousands (millions) of them / hour / day.

It still sounds off to me.  The NPE-G2 is rated for 2Mpps @ 64byte
packets.  Unless you're using the G2 as some kind of IP-to-IP gateway, I
don't see where the problem is...  I have G2's all over, aggregating a
few thousand PPPoX users per box, and averaging about 300-400Mbps
through the boxes with zero issues.  (of course, this is IMIX traffic)

> I'm no expert on this, but I'm lead to believe the problem is because the
> CPU is involved with switching the packets and I need a router where the
> packets are kept on the backplane and switched directly. The cisco is way
> over spec (feature wise) for this as well I suspect, we don't have
> complicated interface's we have interoute on one side 100mb full duplex and
> a 3com 3300 on the other 100mb full duplex, although the access list would
> be nice, to stop DOS attacks etc, its not imperative (and unusable at the
> moment as you can imagine) hence why I thought a Juniper could be the answer
> as those things sit at the edge of networks switching all day long.

Well, the G2 forwards in a software/hardware mix I believe, so long as
you don't do something strange in the config to make it start switching
in software only. (I could be wrong)  Either way, it's still rated for
2Mpps.... So I have a hard time believing that any type of traffic mix
is making it choke sub 100Mb.  Not unless it's drawing large DOS's from
somewhere.  I mean we're only looking at around 400Kpps for a 100Mb FDX
through the router at 64bytes per packet.

The only other thing I could suggest maybe without overpaying for what
you want is to look at some of the Foundry gear.  J's routers have
platinum Gig-E connectors and may be out of your budget! ;-)

Robert Blayzor
rblayzor at inoc.net

If you unplug it fast enough, anything is hot swappable!

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