[cisco-bba] L2TP forwarding based on domain

Quentin Carpent quentin.carpent at vtx-telecom.ch
Wed Feb 27 05:29:39 EST 2008

Hi all,
Let me explain you my problem:
    - I have a VPDN group terminating a tunnel coming from several LAC
and I would like to forward then to another VPDN group (multihop)
    - The user radius can have two differents form:
            - abc/xxxxx at xyz.net
            - xxxxxx at domain.net
    - I would like to have that:
            - radius beginning with "abc" forwarded to a first VPDN
group (domain abc)
            - radius ending with "domain.net" forwarded to a second VPDN
group (domain domain.net)
The problem is how I extract the domain part from the user radius. I
have try with:
            vpdn domain-delimiter @ suffix
            vpdn domain-delimiter / prefix
But. a issue appears with the abc/xxxxx at xyz.net radius because it
contains the @ delimiter and the decision forwarding is false (based on
@ and not /). By the way, I can't do any modifications on the LAC
Have you any idea?
Thanks by advance.
Quentin Carpent

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