[cisco-bba] Dynamic routing over L2TP LNS

Ben Steele ben at internode.com.au
Fri Jul 11 18:05:28 EDT 2008

Not really, the same principles apply, seeing as you are using vrf's are 
you planning on running MP-BGP with MPLS for this? in my experience 
EIGRP seems to integrate the nicest out of all the IGP's into this 
scenario, but anything will work with proper design.

Also if you plan to run QoS on your L2TP ppp sessions then you will 
probably want to look at enabling multilink ppp, last I checked(12.4(18) 
7206) this was still required in order to get QoS to work effectively, 
without it no shaping would occur on the virtual-access(on the lns), I 
really wish they would fix that up...

Jose Bejarano wrote:
> Hi,
> we are terminating via L2TP our PPPoE users on a 7206vxr with npe-g1.
> Customers are then terminating these sessions in a VRF using Radius attributes.
> Now we are planning to introduce dynamic routing functionality: RIP,OSPF,BGP...
> Any info/experiences/ideas/tips with using routing protocols over L2TP ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jose

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