[cisco-bba] Dynamic routing over L2TP LNS

Arie Vayner ariev at vayner.net
Sat Jul 12 11:41:02 EDT 2008


Not sure why you really need multilink PPP for shaping to work on
virtual-access PPP sessions...

Take a look at "Per-Session QoS", which is supported since 12.2(28)SB


On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 1:05 AM, Ben Steele <ben at internode.com.au> wrote:

> Not really, the same principles apply, seeing as you are using vrf's are
> you planning on running MP-BGP with MPLS for this? in my experience EIGRP
> seems to integrate the nicest out of all the IGP's into this scenario, but
> anything will work with proper design.
> Also if you plan to run QoS on your L2TP ppp sessions then you will
> probably want to look at enabling multilink ppp, last I checked(12.4(18)
> 7206) this was still required in order to get QoS to work effectively,
> without it no shaping would occur on the virtual-access(on the lns), I
> really wish they would fix that up...
> Jose Bejarano wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we are terminating via L2TP our PPPoE users on a 7206vxr with npe-g1.
>> Customers are then terminating these sessions in a VRF using Radius
>> attributes.
>> Now we are planning to introduce dynamic routing functionality:
>> Any info/experiences/ideas/tips with using routing protocols over L2TP ?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Jose
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