[cisco-bba] Dynamic routing over L2TP LNS

Ben Steele ben at internode.com.au
Sat Jul 12 20:33:28 EDT 2008

Hi Arie,

I've read that document quite a few times in the past trying to solve  
this :) about the only difference I do is I use the "legacy" av pair  
according to the docco, although im sure I tried the sub-qos-policy  
way too with no difference.

Essentially I create the child CBWFQ policy I then create a parent  
policy with a shape average percent and then the child service policy  
under it, the PPP user is assigned a bandwidth and service policy via  
RADIUS through authentication, I am able to replicate time after time  
that saturating the link with the shape average percent set well below  
the full capacity will only show a "shaping active - yes" when ppp  
multilink is used.

I've tried this on 1760/2801/7401/720x with various flavours of IOS in  
between, is there anything obvious you think I could be missing here,  
given it works absolutely beautiful with ppp multilink and not so  
beautiful without it, worth noting that the CBWFQ classes will still  
match without ppp multilink but the QoS is ineffective given the lack  
of artificial bandwidth restraint on the ppp session.



On 13/07/2008, at 1:11 AM, Arie Vayner wrote:

> Ben,
> Not sure why you really need multilink PPP for shaping to work on  
> virtual-access PPP sessions...
> Take a look at "Per-Session QoS", which is supported since 12.2(28)SB
> http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/12_2sb/feature/guide/sbbbrs1b.html
> Arie
> On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 1:05 AM, Ben Steele <ben at internode.com.au>  
> wrote:
> Not really, the same principles apply, seeing as you are using vrf's  
> are you planning on running MP-BGP with MPLS for this? in my  
> experience EIGRP seems to integrate the nicest out of all the IGP's  
> into this scenario, but anything will work with proper design.
> Also if you plan to run QoS on your L2TP ppp sessions then you will  
> probably want to look at enabling multilink ppp, last I  
> checked(12.4(18) 7206) this was still required in order to get QoS  
> to work effectively, without it no shaping would occur on the  
> virtual-access(on the lns), I really wish they would fix that up...
> Jose Bejarano wrote:
> Hi,
> we are terminating via L2TP our PPPoE users on a 7206vxr with npe-g1.
> Customers are then terminating these sessions in a VRF using Radius  
> attributes.
> Now we are planning to introduce dynamic routing functionality:  
> Any info/experiences/ideas/tips with using routing protocols over  
> L2TP ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jose
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