[cisco-bba] MTU challenges on Cisco 7206VXR

Jonty Bale Jonty at aware-soft.com
Tue Nov 11 06:57:00 EST 2008

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> Let me expand the question:
> What combination of:
> 	mtu xxxx
> 	ip tcp adjust-mss yyyy
> 	ppp mtu adaptive
> should I be using on a Virtual Template?  I have none of them 
> today, and
> only with PPPoE do things break sometimes.

ip tcp adjust-mss should be about 40 less than the max MTU you can
support (20 for the ip header, and 20 for the tcp).

We have to support a MTU of 1460 for some pppoa clients due to various
l2tp suppliers and access routers that don't support mtu > 1500.  We use
a number of virtual-templates depending on the l2tp supplier.

Can be a bit of a headache sometimes - great tool for clients to
diagnose issues is mturoute:



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