[cisco-bba] about Cisco 7206VXR + PA-A6-OC3SMI

Matteo mr.tetto at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 15:28:15 EDT 2008


I have Cisco 7206vxr with NPE-G1 and PA-A6-OC3SMI, I must try to configure
it to terminate some customer by adsl connection..... my atm card is connect
to tlc isp that connect me to my customer and mapped every customer on pvc.
Infact when it terminate activation tell me pvc that I use to configure my
atm card.

Now how configure it ?? I found much... as point-to-point interface or
point-to-multipoint interface.... inside sub-inf I found some istruction as
create-on-demand or static pvc....
Now I have much confusion....

To authenticate my customer now I use pppoe or dedicated vlan.... but it
connect to my by ethernet by wireless or fiber, now with atm how I doing ??

Thank you in advance, king regards

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