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SNMP support for these kinds of stats are very weak.  I've ended up
screen-scraping the CLI (specifically 'sh pppatm summary' and 'sh pppoe
summary') for my monitoring needs.


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Does anyone know how to monitor the number of authenticated subscriber using
SNMP? And also I want to monitor the output referred by show subscriber
statistic command. I'm using ISG, IOS 12.2(31)SB11

I've tried using CISCO-AAA-SESSION-MIB but it only shows two statistics
about the subscriber. Here are the two objects :

- Total number of sessions up so far: 494703

- Number of sessions currently up: 6764

Using CLI :

ISG-L4R#sh subscriber statistics

Current Subscriber Statistics:

Number of sessions currently up: 6777
Number of sessions currently pending: 0
Number of sessions currently authenticated: 34
Number of sessions currently unauthenticated: 2674
Highest number of sessions ever up at one time: 60478
Mean up-time duration of sessions: 22:20:46
Total number of sessions up so far: 495169
Mean call rate per minute: 6, per hour: 370
Number of sessions failed to come up: 0
Access type based session count:
Traffic-Class sessions = 6817
IP sessions = 6777


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