[cisco-bba] 'sessions' versus 'PPPoA/E sessions' counts

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Thu Jun 4 06:22:53 EDT 2009

When I looked at my "sh subscriber statistics" I noticed that 
- my "sessions currently up" does not add up to the number of PPPoA and
PPPoE sessions: how can that be?
- I have a very high "Number of sessions failed to come up"
- my call rate is 3341/minute, which is 56/second

I know I have lots of provisioned VP/VCs that don't have an active DSLAM
port, but I'm not sure if that contributes to an explanation.

If there's a debug I need to turn on to "see", please suggest the
appropriate one.  It seems that the box is overly busy.


Router#sh subscriber statistics

Current Subscriber Statistics:

Number of sessions currently up: 2596
Number of sessions currently pending: 1327
Number of sessions currently authenticated: 2596
Number of sessions currently unauthenticated: 1327
Highest number of sessions ever up at one time: 2647
Mean up-time duration of sessions: 00:01:08
Total number of sessions up so far: 543761664
Mean call rate per minute: 3341, per hour: 200502
Number of sessions failed to come up: 543534572
Access type based session count:
PPPoA sessions = 3711
PPPoE sessions = 212

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