[cisco-bba] [Fwd: 7600 -Pppoe service ,hardware requirements]

Ilir Nako inako at abcom.al
Thu Oct 8 16:03:49 EDT 2009

Hi all

I want to implement the pppoe service at one cisco 7600 
-sup720bxl-SIp600-Spa5gbe  ,but no success.
I have searching at the cisco web to see if is possible with SIp 600 but 
not found .I am not sure that the SIP 600 is ok for the pppoe service.
The router has one another SIP400 but the SPA-5X1GE is not suported by 
this SIP
3/1 5xGE SPA                    SPA-5X1GE          JAB093507M9  2.2    

The IOS version is 122-33.SRD.

Any idea?



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