[cisco-bba] avpair for virtual template

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 9 09:22:18 EDT 2009

Hi David,

I'm not sure if there is a RADIUS attribute for virtual-template, someone else may be able to provide you with a definite answer.

As an alternative you could create a template that has all of the standard stuff in it and then groups/users to add anything you need for each connection. Using groups makes this easier to manage.

As an example we do the following:

1. default group - all users are a part of it, specifies things that every connection needs like "framed-protocol=PPP", etc.
2. group per VPN - has the VRF the connection will be part of and the loopback address that it will be associated with (each VRF has it's own loopback that is different)
3. per user attributes - static IP addresses, framed routes, etc that are user specific.

This is done in a heirarchical type manner so that it's fairly easy to manage.



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Hi all, 


Somebody knows if exist a cisco-avpair for virtual templates? 


I have a lot of PPPoE sessions inbound my router for the same interface 


interface FastEthernet0/0 


duplex auto 

 speed auto 

enable group adslpersonal 


bba-group pppoe adslpersonal 


 sessions per-mac limit 1 



With this solution I only can
config one virtual-template for all users, but I would
like set one per user or per user-group via RADIUS. 



And, are
there a list of cisco-avpair commands? 


Thanks in advance. 





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